29 Jun Event Planners: Download our Simple Beverage Calculator

Event Planners: Download our Simple Beverage Calculator With spring and summer comes warmer weather, and with warmer weather comes celebrations! You may find that you’re entering one of your busier seasons for party and event planning, whether it’s retirement, graduation, or anniversary parties, or even a...

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water glasses with glass cover caps on serving tray

21 Jun 4 Ways Glass Cover Caps Benefit Your Guests

Glass cover caps may very well be the unsung hero of the hospitality industry. They provide hygienic protection for drinking glasses, guard open containers against insects or leaves, and retain the warmth and aroma of food and beverages. Below, we highlight four ways that glass...

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white wine glass on letterpress coaster

24 Apr The Essentials You’ll Need When Starting A Bar

Congratulations on obtaining a brand new liquor license! Whether you’re opening a new business, moving from BYOB to full bar service, or just expanding your menu to include beer and wine, you’re taking on the big task of starting a bar from scratch. There’s a...

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sustainable dining chef with fresh produce in his resturant

06 Apr Sustainable Dining: More Than Just the Food On The Plate

Sustainable Dining: More Than Just the Food On The Plate Industry buzzwords like “farm-to-table” or “farm-to-fork” have been gaining traction over the last few years. Customers are becoming more socially conscious and are making more deliberate choices about the food they eat and their impact on...

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03 Feb Designing Promotional Materials that Support Your Brand

The paper products you provide for your customers can make a lasting impression. We call it “the visiting card of a good house.” You’ve chosen to print on quality materials and have selected the print method that suits the old-fashioned refinement or modern style of...

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clever coaster designs - pop culture trivia

17 Jan 5 Clever Beer Coaster Designs to Add Personality to Your Bar

Beer mats are the workhorse of your establishment, soaking up drips and spills and keeping your bar top tidy. Printed on high-quality pulp board material, the resulting thickness (40pt or 60pt) and rigidity make these beer coasters perfect for re-use. While this bar top staple...

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absorbent paper coaster with drinks

27 Sep Testing Absorbent Paper Coasters

There is nothing more enjoyable on a hot summer day than a tall, refreshing cold drink. But, whether your customers are enjoying an alfresco lunch or a social hour after work, there is nothing that makes more of a mess than a sweaty glass creating...

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29 Aug The Perfect Table Setting for Any Meal Service

The Perfect Table Setting for Any Meal Service Forks on the left.  Or is it forks on the right?  Are napkins placed next to the utensils or under the utensils?  I think coffee cups should be provided at a dinner table. Yes, that’s right! Creating a...

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five-star service

12 Aug Small Ways to Create a Five-Star Guest Experience

Small Ways to Create a Five-Star Guest Experience Whether you operate a large event space, intimate restaurant, or catering company, providing a five-star guest experience should be reflected through every step of the meal. We often hear that the dining experience is becoming too casual and...

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