Paper Glass Covers: Custom Printed

Paper glass covers may very well be the unsung hero of the hospitality industry. They provide hygienic protection for drinking glasses, guard open containers against insects or leaves, and retain the warmth and aroma of food and beverages.


First-Class Service is in the Details!
Custom-printed DrinkSafe® paper glass covers by Alfred Mank can serve your customers in a wide variety of ways. Our caps offer hygienic protection for room service, guard against insects or leaves on outdoor patios, and retain the warmth and aroma of foods.

Paper glass covers protect your guests’ glasses, cups, and bowls and “on top” of it all, they provide you with an excellent advertising space.
You can choose the perfect cover cap to fit any of the industry-standard cup, glass, mug, bowl, and beverage can sizes. DrinkSafe® drink covers show your guests how important their well-being, health, and comfort are to you.

Cardboard Glass Cover Caps

A small accessory that is a visible sign of first-class service. Constructed of 250g cardboard, you can choose from either matte or glossy material.  Cardboard glass cover caps can be produced in plain white, or printed with your branded message in colored print or with full-color backgrounds.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes

  • Round designs: 45 – 105 mm

Available Thickness

  • 250g

Printing Methods:

  •     Flexo printing

Minimum Order:

  • 5,000 units

Cardboard Glass Cover Short Caps

Alfred Mank’s drink covers short caps are the perfect covers for glasses with short rims such as your more elegant and fine dining glassware. These short caps provide just the right amount of cover to protect your guests beverages from environmental factors and seamlessly showcase your brand while not taking away from the aesthetic of your tabletop. Short caps are constructed of 250g matte cardboard.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes

  • Round designs: 67.5 mm, 75mm, 82mm

Available Thickness

  • 250g

Printing Methods:

  • Flexo printing

Minimum Quantity

  • 5,000 units


If you want to improve the experience of the guests in your hotel, then you need to put in place some small touches that will not only improve the outlook of your hotel but will also serve to make the guests come over and over. Such little touches include things such as providing complimentary drinking glasses and dispensers in the lobby, guest bathrooms, or even cups or mugs by the in-room coffee places. You can choose to use printed lids on the cups, and this will significantly showcase how your hotel first prioritizes good hygiene levels by ensuring that your guests use fresh, sanitary cup wares every time.



The Mank Group has been in existence for nearly a century now. So, we know plenty about making quality custom products such as the drink covers in our broad product lineup. We offer no compromises in quality, even while going over and beyond to accommodate the budget limits our customers have while making their orders.

So, get in touch with us and order quality paper cup covers today.

How can paper lids for glasses provide an insect-free outdoor dining?

It feels nice to have outdoor dining on a warm summer evening or sunny spring afternoon. The experience is excellent especially when your guests will still find their outdoor drinks and beverage cans not littered with the debris of the trees around and plants, or more so, insects prowling on their glasses or fruit flies entering their drinks. A glass with cover can help protect your guest drinks and beverages from such things.

Our products at Alfred Mank serve to protect all the industry-standard sizes for glasses, cups, bowls, mugs, and beverage cans. If you are looking for unique and elegant paper glass covers, you can contact us today for samples or cost estimates.

How can water glass covers improve the room service?

Your guests will enjoy the much-needed pleasure if the room service is up to date. However, the excellent experience might turn out less enjoyable if their hot food is served cold and if their cold food will be served warm. The water glass covers will be of importance to your guests since they will keep their water and beverages such as tea and coffee at comfortable temperatures. They also ensure that the food which is served in bowls, like the oatmeal, cereals, or fruit is safe from any harmful environmental factors.

How do stancaps keep your glassware lint and dust free?

Stancaps allow one to reinforce his or her brand, while at the same time keeping your glassware lint and dust free. Drink covers are especially useful in dusty, crowded or frequently visited areas, such as outdoor areas, hotel lobbys, spas and party rooms. Enhance your customer service and offer your guests a premium feel at your establishment. At Alfred Mank, we manufacture good designs using either glossy or matte.

4 Ways Drinking Glass Covers Benefit Your Guests

Though these products are rarely appreciated, they are arguably some of the best accessories in the hospitality industry. They provide the necessary hygienic protection for your drinking glasses, guard your open containers from leaves and insects, and are also good at retaining the aroma and warmth of beverages.
Below, we look at some ways of how cover caps can be of importance to the guests in your home or hotel.

Better Hygiene Standards

Providing water glasses in your guest bathrooms or complimentary drink dispensers and glasses in the lobby, or the coffee cup by in-room coffee stations are all small touches that will improve the guest experience. Using printed drink tops on glasses or mugs shows that your hotel prioritizes better hygiene standards and ensure that your guests are served fresh, sanitary glassware every time.

Improved Room Service

Room service is an enjoyable pleasure that many guests take advantage of. But, the experience can quickly turn less-than-enjoyable when cold food is served warm and hot food is served cold. Drink tops benefit your guests by keeping beverages like coffee and tea at a proper temperature. They also provide protection for foods served in bowls, such as cereal, oatmeal, or fruit.

Pest-Free Outdoor Dining

There is nothing better than outdoor dining on a sunny spring afternoon or warm summer evening; unless, your guests find their outdoor drinks littered with falling debris from surrounding trees and plants or, even worse, insects or fruit flies on the prowl. Make their experience a pleasant one by providing glass or can cover caps to protect your guests’ beverages.

An Added Touch to Events

Whether a professional seminar, holiday party, or even a wedding, event planning is all about remembering the small, yet important, touches. Remember to add drink tops to water glasses on the seminar and speaker tables, to the chocolate mousse on the dessert buffet, or on the butlered glasses of champagne being served throughout the party.
Finally, as an additional benefit for your establishment, drink covers give you the opportunity to custom print your advertising message where it will reach your guests.

Which print options for drinking glass covers do you offer?

We offer different sizes such as the caps for short rimmed glasses. Though this is just a little accessory, it is a sign of elegance and high-class service. Short caps are the ideal covers for short rimmed glasses for your beautiful dining glassware. They also provide the much-needed cover that will protect the beverages preserved for your guests against any environmental hazards and will seamlessly flaunt your particular brand while still maintaining the beauty of your tabletop.


The cardboard drinking glass covers are just another small accessory that comes with the much-needed elegance and class to enhance your customer service. They are normally made from a 250g cardboard, and you will have the opportunity of either choosing from glossy or matte material. They can be produced with your branded message printed on them with colored print, or just in plain white or having full-color backgrounds.

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