water glasses with glass cover caps on serving tray

Glass cover caps may very well be the unsung hero of the hospitality industry. They provide hygienic protection for drinking glasses, guard open containers against insects or leaves, and retain the warmth and aroma of food and beverages. Below, we highlight four ways that glass cover caps benefit the guests of your hotel.

Better Hygiene Standards

Providing water glasses in your guest bathrooms, complimentary drink dispensers and glasses in the lobby, or mugs by in-room coffee stations are all small touches that will improve the guest experience. Using printed glass cover caps on glasses or mugs shows that your hotel prioritizes better hygiene standards and ensure that your guests are served fresh, sanitary glassware every time.

Improved Room Service

Room service is an enjoyable pleasure that many guests take advantage of. But, the experience can quickly turn less-than-enjoyable when cold food is served warm and hot food is served cold. Glass cover caps benefit your guests by keeping beverages like coffee and tea at a proper temperature. They also provide protection for foods served in bowls, such as cereal, oatmeal, or fruit.

Pest-Free Outdoor Dining

There is nothing better than outdoor dining on a sunny spring afternoon or warm summer evening; unless, your guests find their drink glasses or beverage cans littered with falling debris from surrounding trees and plants or, even worse, insects on the prowl. Make their experience a pleasant one by providing glass or can cover caps to protect your guests’ beverages.

An Added Touch to Events

Whether a professional seminar, holiday party, or even a wedding, event planning is all about remembering the small, yet important, touches. Remember to add glass cover caps to water glasses on the seminar and speaker tables, to the chocolate mousse on the dessert buffet, or on the butlered glasses of champagne being served throughout the party.
Finally, as an additional benefit for your establishment, glass cover caps give you the opportunity to custom print your advertising message where it will reach your guests.

Alfred Mank offers glass cover caps sized to protect all industry-standard sizes for cups, glasses, mugs, bowls, and beverage cans. Contact us for samples or a cost estimate.