Our Focus on Manufacturing Sustainable Paper Goods

We are aware of our responsibility for the environment, which is why our production processes follow environmentally-aware principles. Our raw materials come from sustainable forests managed without exploiting animals, plants, or our fellow human beings, and all of our printing processes are water-based, with waste water undergoing extensive filtration before being released.


Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing has been confirmed by numerous certifications, including the FSC seal and the EU Ecolabel, which we have obtained through compliance with their strict criteria.


Below is additional information on specific initiatives we’re undertaking in our dedication to sustainable manufacturing practices that minimize our impact in the surrounding environment.

Environmentally Healthy Life Cycle

Our products satisfy very stringent criteria for environmental and health protection through the entire production cycle.

  • We start with wood fibers from sustainable forests.
  • We limit the use of hazardous materials, relying on water-based inks free from solvents and avoiding chlorine in bleaching agents.
  • We utilize a waste management system that treats and filters waste water until it suitable to re-enter the normal water cycle.
  • We focus on an overall reduction in energy consumption.


Sustainable Forestry

Our products carry the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) seal which certifies that our products stem from ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable forestry.  Sustainable forest management ensures that there is a balance between meeting the demand for wood and forest products and maintaining the health and diversity of our forests.

Social Responsibility

Sustainable manufacturing practices ensure that our products do not contribute to overexploitation. The raw materials sourced to produce our tissue and paper products are cultivated in a manner that does not exploit indigenous people or endanger animals or plants.


Carbon Neutral

We have committed our business to the goal of achieving carbon neutrality. This means that for every carbon emission generated from the creation of raw materials and production and transportation of our products, we strive to reduce carbon emissions by the same amount.

We work towards this goal by participating in a climate protection project as part of our partnership with myclimate. Our climate protection project is dedicated to decreasing CO2 emissions by producing energy for the operation of paper machines through woodchips.