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From Bar Coasters to Luxury Glass Cover Caps; We Are Alfred Mank


Alfred Mank is a company specialized in manufacturing and printing high-quality, custom printed paper products for the hospitality industry.  Our product offering includes Glass Cover Caps, Coasters, Doilies, Teapot Holders, Ramekin Covers and much more.


Custom printed paper products are not only functional, but also provide the perfect platform to promote your brand, whether colorful and fun or subtle and classic. Using brilliant flexoprinting or refined letterpress technology, your logo, or other branding messages, can be printed on tissue, Airlaid, parchment, and other paper materials.  Premium tableware products are available in either mass production or fixed numbers.


Working with Alfred Mank as your partner, you’ll provide your customers with the hospitality and service they’ve come to expect.  You work tirelessly to provide unconditional attention to your customers, and so do we.  “Small things make perfection, but perfection is no small thing.”

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  • Glass cover caps may very well be the unsung hero of the hospitality industry. They provide hygienic protection for drinking glasses, guard open containers against insects or leaves, and retain the wa...


Alfred Mank is your skilled contact partner for custom coasters in bulk, stan cap glass covers, wine glass covers, butter covers, egg covers, teapot holder, custom lobster bibs, plate holders, custom pulpboard coasters, custom cardboard coasters and much more. We can support your branding campaign with our custom coasters for drinks, our embossed coasters, teapot pot holders or ramekin covers. We specialize in manufacturing branded custom beer coasters, general bar coasters. We can draw more attention and reinforce your corporate identity with printed coasters for wholesale and logo coasters. Whether you need promotional coasters or personalized coasters and napkins – our products will put your brand in focus while providing your guests comfort and style. Advertising coasters and coaster printing for business can be made from multiply tissue, paper, airlaid or absorbent paper coasters in a variety of different coaster sizes. We are a coaster material manufacturer for white blank coasters, making us an ideal partner for any business that needs personalized coaster designs and stan caps glass covers at wholesale coaster prices. Perfect your marketing campaign with advertising messages on our personalized tissue coasters, multiply tissue coasters and wax back tissue coasters, and place your brand in focus for your target audience!