Custom printed Ramekin Covers / Butter Covers

Manufactured from high quality parchment paper, our custom printed Butter Covers guarantee your open containers remain hygienic and fresh. Whether you use them with butter, sauces and dips, jam, or another sandwich spread, these Butter Covers (available in different sizes) will keep your products fresh and will ensure their aroma isn’t distorted by exposure to other foods.

When printed with your logo, these Ramekin Covers become a detail which will earn the appreciation of customers while conveying your unique advertising message. Our custom printed Ramekin Covers are also available with a practical tab, a small flap which makes them easier to grip. Wherever you’re using open containers for spreads and sauces, our Ramekin Covers will be a sign of quality and capture the attention of your customers.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes:

  • 2″ (50 mm) – 3″ (76 mm)

Printing Methods:

  • Flexo printing


  • keeps sandwich spreads and sauces hygienic and fresh
  • available with a practical tab
  • individualized logo printing to support your corporate design

Minimum Quantity

  • 10.000 units

Improve hotel hygiene with a paper butter cover

Some hotels may not have considered the potential benefits of a butter cover within their breakfast service. Low budget chains often continue to use individual butter portions in plastic containers to save on time and costs. Yet, there are advantages to switching to a ramekin of butter with a custom printed parchment paper lid. Alfred Mank offer high-quality printed covers with great attention to detail and a “Made in USA” guarantee.

Well-designed covered ramekins tie together the look and branding on a hotel tea or breakfast service. A personalized butter dish may seem like a bit of a novelty item, but this may actually work in your favor. Guests are sure to appreciate the attention to detail on the use and design of these protective covers. It shows consideration for those dining at the establishment, while also elevating the look of the breakfast service. There are lots of paper items that hotels can customize with logos and branding. Uniformity across the ramekin covers, teapot holders, glass covers and coasters adds some class, while also emphasizing the brand name. When guests look back on their trip, they will remember the quality of the breakfast and those little details. They are also more likely to recommend the hotel by name to friends and family.

Companies can choose to print names and logos onto this quality parchment paper with Flexograph printing. This method is quick and affordable, so ideal for bulk orders. Yet, Alfred Mank printing options also mean high-definition lettering and up to four colors per item. This leads to a surprising amount of detail and quality on such a small, thin cover.

Safe glass ramekins with lids offer a greener option for hotels

Where possible, all hotels want to improve their green credentials. This means a greener approach to waste, water and renewable energy. Every small step can make a difference when added together into a combined effort. A great place to start is to remove single-use plastic from a breakfast service. This means no plastic packs of butter. Instead, it is much more environmental – not to mention more attractive – to provide a ceramic ramekin with a protective paper lid. Staff can wash and reuse the ramekins and recycle the paper covers.

This option is just as safe for guests. The lid neatly covers the pot and offers protection against pests or air contamination. The addition of the tab makes it even easier to use the covers without touching the butter. The additional benefit of this approach is that these lids work with any ramekin for many food items. Pots of jam, marmalade or other condiments can carry the same type of cover for a clean look across the table. There are different sizes available for different pots.

Custom printed parchment paper covers - made in USA

Butter ramekins with lids are the best approach for any hotel looking to improve their reputation as a green-minded, high-quality establishment. Cheap plastic portions may be low-priced and easy, but they wont win over many guests. Hotels that take the time to design a good-looking paper cover and use ramekins should receive high praise from guests. It is a small detail that shows that a business cares about its clientele and the local environment. An ongoing relationship with Alfred Mank means a regular supply of high quality butter covers that could transform your hotels breakfast experience.

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