absorbent paper coaster with drinks

There is nothing more enjoyable on a hot summer day than a tall, refreshing cold drink. But, whether your customers are enjoying an alfresco lunch or a social hour after work, there is nothing that makes more of a mess than a sweaty glass creating puddles of condensation.

The problem of condensation is created when water vapor that exists in the air around us comes in contact with a cold drink in a glass or cup. The coldness of the container begins to cool the water vapor in the air and it turns into water. Condensation can be a tricky problem for drink service, either inside or outside. To battle condensation, you need an absorbent paper coaster to soak up condensation and avoid sloppy bar and table tops. At the same time, your coasters need to be durable enough that they do not disintegrate into a wet, paper-like mess.

Absorbent paper coasters are most commonly available in the following materials:

  • Cellulose paper
  • Tissue with poly-laminate coating
  • Textile-like Airlaid paper
  • Budgetboard
  • Pulpboard

We created the video below to test the absorbency of each type of paper coaster and show how these various materials stand up to condensation created by the summer sun.

If you need to clean up your drink service with durable, absorbent paper coasters or beer mats, contact Alfred Mank for product samples and price quotes.