Custom printed egg covers

Our customized, printed egg covers are made from high quality layered tissue material, printed using brilliant flex printing producing the most exceptional refined letterpress print of your choice (blind or colored embossing as per your request). Advertising your very own product in the most elegant and classy way possible at the same time protecting the boiled egg from cooling off.

Overview of features:

  • made of layered tissue material
  • printed using fine letterpress printing – either blind or colored embossing
  • protects boiled eggs from cooling off
Custom printed Egg Covers – little helpers for demanding hosts

Our custom printed Egg Covers will ensure your guests receive their boiled eggs – along with your advertising message – at the ideal temperature. Made of layered tissue material, egg covers offer your guests the highest possible level of comfort and luxury, down to the smallest detail. Printed using fine letterpress printing, our Egg Covers are an exclusive advertising medium.

Personalized hospitality products

Brand marketing
The egg covers can be used to present your hotel in an overall corporate identity while at the same time complementing the cutlery. The excellent letterpress printing can print the colours of your choice accompanied by your very own logo/ crest setting off a feeling that one is dining at a king’s palace. The customized egg covers are an exclusive advertising medium that advantages both the advertiser and the guest at the same time.

Add an extra touch
Add an extra touch of class to the breakfast table and benefit from attracting more high-end customers to your hotel. As they give off a classy edge, they also keep the boiled egg warm. Now that sounds like a slice of heaven. Doesn’t it?

About Alfred Mank tissue and paper products

We are an established and growing company, part of the Mank Group founded during the 1930s by Alfred Mank himself. Since then, we have devoted ourselves to offering high-quality custom printed air laid and tissue products at a customer friendly price. The customer has always been our number one priority hence explicitly tailoring our products to the hospitality industry. Sustainability and environment friendly atmosphere is our aim.

Present your brand full circle

Not only do we offer egg covers, but also other premium tableware products. Which are: Printed paper glass cover caps, custom beer mats, foiled, embossed print, paper coasters, ramekin butter cover, jam jar toppers, paper doilies, plate holders, teapot holders and bibs all custom printed.

Customized paper products offer a classy touch to every hotel giving off an environment-friendly atmosphere to the guests while at the same time advertising your brand. Alfred Mank Tissue and Paper Company perfects the corporate identity flawlessly; while at the same time catering to you. If you wish to stay on top of the competition try to impress your customers with class and details. At Alfred Mank we know that personalization is the future of hospitality and are happy to offer you a long-term relationship for all your customized paper products. Start with your egg cover today and feel free to contact us about any other product you are interested in.

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