Custom Printed Paper Doilies

Overview of features:

  • Slip-resistant surface for glasses and cups
  • Luxurious look and maximum comfort
  • Available in many different sizes
  • Large selection of die-cut borders
  • Print with your customized design
Perfection is in the Details – Tray Doilies

You can use our tray doilies to add an enchanting detail for yourself and your guests – a detail that will make all the difference between “good” and “perfect.” Made of high-quality absorbent material or soft, flexible tissue, our tray doilies don’t just offer maximum comfort, they also provide a slip-resistant surface and create a stylish atmosphere.

Use our tray doilies to perfect your corporate identity, and place your brand in focus for your customers. Our tray doilies can be printed using leterpress printing, color or blind stamping, or flexography! Available in multiple sizes, and with a wide selection of die-cut borders, our tray doilies are a small detail with a big effect.

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