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Linclass® Airlaid Material

For our most high-quality option, choose Mank quality coasters made from Linclass® Airlaid. Velvety-soft Airlaid is almost indistinguishable from fabric, in both it’s look and feel. Produced with a paper laminate backing, it’s highly absorbent and dimensionally stable, even in high humidity. This product line will show no curling and no separation, even after extensive usage. Due to the thick premium material, we can only offer Flexoprinting, guaranteeing an elegant, beautiful surface.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes:

  • Round designs: 80 – 250 mm
  • Square designs: 85 x 85 mm – 150 x 150 mm

Available Printing Methods:

  • Flexo printing

Minimum Quantity:

  • 10,000 units

Tissue Paper Material

Next one in line, we have our Classic Tissue Paper Coasters, produced with a PE laminate backing. This product line provides the perfect combination of an elegant look with robust moisture resistance, due to its 5-to-12 thickness ply. Soft tissue wadding of various thickness ensures a high standard of absorbency. Besides both Letterpress and Flexoprinting in full color, we can also provide a Foil Embossed printing.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes:

  • Round designs: 60 – 250 mm
  • Square designs: 77 x 77 mm – 150 x 150 mm

Available Thickness:

  • 5-ply
  • 7-ply
  • 9-ply
  • 12-ply

Available Printing Methods:

  • Letterpress printing
  • Flexo printing
  • Foil Embossed printing

Minimum Quantity

  • 10,000 units

Budgetboard Material

For a combination of both durability and absorbency, we present our Budgetboard Coasters. This coaster board is a high-quality, low-volume, absorbent paperboard which grips glasses well while absorbing liquids perfectly. Durability and absorbency make for a great choice for the bar as well as drink coaster printing for restaurants, outside seating and much more. In addition to a solid grip, this product line can also absorb liquids spilled on top of them, coming up to an eight-ply thickness. Concering the printing method we offer the choice between Letterpress and Flexoprinting in full color.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes

  • Round designs: 3.5”- 4”
  • Square designs: 3.5”-4”

Available Thickness

  • 200 gsm

Available Printing Methods:

  • Flexo printing
  • Letterpress printing

Minimum Quantity

  • 10,000 units

Absorbent Paper Material

For our last line of materials, we have our Absorbent Paper Coasters. Crafted to provide an unmatched absorbency level and one of the lowest volume tares, these slim design coasters are an ideal choice for your next bulk purchase, with four available thickness models to choose from, in between 50g-200g. High levels of absorbency and low tare volume in a slim design that keep glasses and cups steady makes this variation the ideal choice for your large quantity purchase.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes

  • Round designs: 2”-10”
  • Square designs: 3” x 3” – 6” x 6”

Available Thickness

  • 50g
  • 80g
  • 110g
  • 200g

Available Printing Methods:

  • Letterpress printing
  • Flexo printing

Minimum Order:

  • 10,000 units

How can Printed Paper Coasters Help Stand Out From The Crowd?

Effective market positioning is a key factor in defining the recognition factor of a company. This means that placing a logo or a company slogan in full color where customers and guests can easily see them is a significant key to success. Along with customized products, such as business cards, which can support successful branding, advertising materials with which customers and guests come into direct contact can significantly increase the recognition value of your brand. Additionally drink coasters in custom shapes for special occasions such as weddings, engagements, save the dates, trade shows or your weekly happy hour can be a clever way to increase brand awareness and invite guests.

Details perfect your corporate identity

High quality Doilies, Beer Mat Coasters, and Glass Cover Caps are good ways to place your own brand in an effective advertising position – anything that puts your advertising message in focus for your target audience. This doesn’t just draw attention, it also transmits a sense of exclusivity to customers and guests – expressed by the small details and accessories that create a feeling of luxury.

Stylish branding

Besides typical color printing processes, advertising materials made with letterpress printing are an elegant and understated way to transmit an advertising message. In this type of printing, the printed image is embossed into the coaster like a relief, creating a three-dimensional texture. Personalized coasters by Alfred Mank can be custom-printed, designed in custom shapes according to our customer’s requests, and play a big role in helping companies stand out. View your coaster design as a business card and get creative!

Which coaster materials can I choose from?

Our designs and materials are uniquely chosen to ensure that whatever is placed on the coasters remains in place. This is especially true of our Absorbent Paper Coasters. These items can either be circular in shape or square shaped.

We also use budgetboard material to make coasters. This is a great choice if you want a little more durability without compromising on the absorbency level our absorbent paper coasters offer. Also know as pulpboard coasters this material makes for great drink coasters.

Additionally, we also create custom Classic Tissue Paper Coasters, and these come with PE laminate backing for better product quality.

Finally, we offer our premium coasters in Linclass Airlaid Material. This is the best quality option available, and the ideal choice if you want to make no compromises on customer satisfaction. This unique kind of fabric creates the most stable of quality coasters that can withstand extended usage without any signs of damage.


Paper coaster are a specialty of Alfred Mank. These coasters are a great tool for any bar or hotel room and serve as clever business cards at the same time. They provide a safe place to rest a much-needed glass of wine (or other beverage), while also protecting the furniture from stains and damage. This little touch of class adds to the environmental credentials of the establishment as well. This is thanks to the renewable materials and reduced need to clean the bar. In a world that is increasingly turning its back on plastic and harmful single-use items, custom paper coasters are a must.

Which printing methods can I choose from?

We like to say that style begins with the smallest details. The tissue and paper products that you present to your customers, while they may seem like a small touch, can go a long way to enhance the value of your brand, make your brand memorable, and offer a bit of extra refinement.  If they are done properly.

A big part of a well-done paper product is choosing the best printing method to reflect your brand and your service.  But if you’re not familiar with the print industry, it may be tricky to understand the different printing methods available to you.  We encourage you to use our helpful guide as a resource for selecting the printing method that best fits your style.


Offset printing

Using the offset printing process, your logo or approved design image is replicated onto a printing plate.  Ink is applied to the plate and only the image holds the ink.  During the actual printing process, the image is transferred or “offset” onto a rubber blanket and then onto the chosen printing surface.

To print a four-color design and achieve your unique brand colors, four printing plates are used, each holding a single color (black, cyan, magenta and yellow).  These colors are layered at specific percentages until the desired color is achieved.

Offset printing can be used for both “short runs” (low print quantities)  and “long runs” (high print quantities). Offset can produce photo-quality print results and double-sided printing is possible.

Flexographic printing

The flexographic (or flexo) printing process get its name because the image to be printed is placed on “flexible” printing plates, usually made of rubber.  The plate is inked and transferred onto the printing surface.

Just as with offset printing, a four-color print is created by using four flexo plates, each holding a different print color.  The prints from each plate are layered to create the approved full color and design.

Flexo printing is recognized for its quick production process.

Letterpress printing

Letter press printing takes us back to the origins of printing.  In this printing process, blocks containing a letter or an image are inked up and paper is pressed into the blocks, using heat and pressure.  Used to produce a more sophisticated and luxe presentation, letterpress printing creates an embossed look, meaning the printed image is raised on the printing surface, adding dimension. Full color is possible.

There are two additional options for finishing off your embossed printing, beyond simple ink embossing.

Foil Embossing
Using this method, the embossed design is set off by a metallic foil.  Foil embossing applies a gold or silver foil through heat and pressure.

Blind Embossing
Using a blind emboss method, no ink of foil is added to highlight the embossed area.  The image and words are the same color as the print surface, resulting in a very subtle presentation.

How do I choose the best printing method for my needs?

To make a final decision on the print method you’ll use to produce your product, you’ll most likely need to take the following aspects into consideration: budget, paper type, and project timeline.  Each of these will play a role in choosing the best printing method for each individual project.


Flexo printing often results in a more attractive price because of the faster production time. However, budget shouldn’t always be the main determining factor. If your brand is built upon an image of quality, premium or luxury, letterpress printing offers more exclusive printing results, but at a higher cost.


Letterpress and flexo printing are possible on nearly all qualities of paper, including more delicate materials like Airlaid, parchment and tissue papers. Offset is most commonly chosen for printing on cardboard beermats or paper coasters.


If time is not on your side and you need a very quick turn-around on your project, you’ll want to choose the flexo printing methods because of the efficient production times. Letterpress printing, because of its intricate process, has a slower production speed but is still able to be completed in a tight timeline for small runs.

To get further information on the best method for your coaster printing, contact us to view samples or request a quote.

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