Wine glass covers

Custom printed wineglass covers offer numerous ways of serving your customers. They provide the best hygienic protection when it comes to room service. They also guard your outdoor patios against leaves or insects and also help to preserve the aroma and warmth of your food. Apart from providing you with the best advertising space, the wine glass covers protect your guests’ cups, glasses, and bowls from contamination.

At Alfred Mank, we produce cover caps that perfectly fit various industry-standard glass, cup, bowl, mug, and beverages cans of various sizes. Our paper lids will ensure that the health, well-being, and comfort of your guests’ matters to you.


Cardboard Glass Cover Caps

A small accessory that is a visible sign of first-class service. Constructed of 250g cardboard, you can choose from either matte or glossy material.  Cardboard glass cover caps can be produced in plain white, or printed with your branded message in colored print or with full-color backgrounds.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes

  • Round designs: 45 – 105 mm

Available Thickness

  • 250g

Printing Methods:

  •     Flexo printing

Minimum Order:

  • 5,000 units

Cardboard Glass Cover Short Caps

Alfred Mank’s glass cover short caps are the perfect covers for glasses with short rims such as your more elegant and fine dining glassware. These short glass cover caps provide just the right amount of cover to protect your guests beverages from environmental factors and seamlessly showcase your brand while not taking away from the aesthetic of your tabletop. Short caps are constructed of 250g matte cardboard.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes

  • Round designs: 67.5 mm, 75mm, 82mm

Available Thickness

  • 250g

Printing Methods:

  • Flexo printing

Minimum Quantity

  • 5,000 units


Custom designed wineglass protectors offer protection and branding
Wineglass covers may not be that common, but they have some great benefits for more up-market bars and hotels. These drink covers can provide great protection for all types of glasses, coffee cup or buffett containers, which is essential if guests have paid a little more for a holiday treat. They can also provide a neat form of branding as the perfect surface for a company logo. Add in the sustainability and eco-friendly nature of these paper products and it is hard to see any downsides.

Outdoor dining without interruptions
Minimizing the risk of contaminants and unwanted guests
Many top hotels spend a fortune creating the perfect outside deck or patio area for guests to enjoy. This is a great place to watch the sunset with a glass of wine and toast the success of the trip. Guests pay good money for accommodation in a good location, so they deserve to be able to enjoy it in all its glory. The problem is that other creatures may take a fancy to that glass of wine too. It doesn’t take much for a fruit fly or other insects to take a look around and land in the drink. Use custom printed drink covers to keep bugs, insects, wasps and debris out of your customers  beverages.

Perfect your room service
Then there is the risk of dust and contaminants in a hotel bedroom. Some hotels may decide to offer these covers for wine glasses in their room service. This doesn’t mean that the room isn’t clean and fresh. It just acts as a little moment of consideration and extra service for guests. Remember that all guests want to be treated equally regardless of their choices. So, if guests at the bar get one of these fancy covers for their drink, so should those ordering for their room. Alternatively, these covers could act as protection for any glasses on top of a table in the bedroom. Hotel staff may choose to turn glasses over to stop dust and other particles getting in the glass. A cover like this on an upright glass might look a lot nicer.
That aesthetic appeal is an important part of choosing these personalized wine glass caps. The first impression on entering the room is crucial. A well-laid out drinks service with matching, branded covers looks great. Branding can also continue across other items in the room. Guests can use the glass cover to protect the drink, but also place the glass on a matching paper coaster. This is where it helps to create a simple design that printers can replicate across a series of items. Hotels don’t need to advertise too strongly once guests have checked in. Still, little reminders help with marketing and future brand recognition.

How does the print process work?

The shape of these card covers is pretty simplistic, with a few different diameters to choose from and a short rim.
Chosse from a variety of different materials, according to your needs. For example coffee cup lids require different absorbant qualities than drink covers designed to allow the wine to breathe. Feel free to contact us about the various options available.
Here at Alfred Mank we use Flexo printing to create a strong, high-definition image on the card. This is typically the name and/or logo of the establishment. Still, customization does mean that hotel owners can go down a different route. It could be possible to print up a batch to go with a specific event at the hotel. Color printing also helps with that strong branding and a clear image.

Alfred Mank sustainable custom printed drink covers allow for great quality and consistency through the whole hotel.

Cost-efficiency and quality
With Alfred Mank, we believe that you should not settle for anything less. That is why our services, though customer-oriented for the greatest satisfaction of your needs, also place the utmost importance on quality.

We are also well aware that any hospitality item will also need to meet health code standards.

Breadth of services is something we are known for. This is hardly surprising considering that we have been in business for several decades. The quality of the material used matters a big deal, which is why we use strong materials that also allow us to create the most stunning of printed logo designs.

Hotel owners that do choose to bring in these wine covers will find they need a large supply. This means plenty of tops for all the rooms as well as enough by the bar for each drink. The disposable nature of the covers also means a steady cycle and a good relationship between client and printer. That is where Alfred Mank can help.
We print in a minimum of 5,000 units and will work with clients on the best designs and options available. Drink tops can improve a guest’s evening, so make sure to choose a high-quality product.

Custom designed wine glass protectors : Our service guarantee for your brand

Custom wine glass covers can address your unique promotional goals as a brand while also meeting professional quality standards that are oftentimes quite elusive as far as coaster printing services are concerned.

On the face of it, perfection is easy, because even the untrained eye can instantly recognize it in these promotional items. But creating this perfection is a different thing altogether. Only a few printing services can actually pull it off. Alfred Mank is proud to be among these exclusive few.

We know how truly personal your brand is, and this is reflected in the services we offer our customers. You want a beverage mat that will address your marketing needs, and at the same time make you and your guests happy about the finesse and detail that has gone into incorporating your logo.

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