Custom bibs for adults – an overview of benefits

Our custom bibs for adults are a great way to protect clothes from stains. We believe: bibs aren’t just for kids! Your grown up guests will thank you too – it can be easy to have an unwanted splatter when you’re eating some dishes, such as pasta or seafood. Our baby bibs and jumbo bibs aren’t just a great service for your guests,

they’re also customizable, and the ideal place to present your advertising message. Whether you operate a restaurant, hotel, or guest house – our bibs made of high-quality, absorbent Airlaid or soft non-woven material are sure to please guests of all ages!

Overview of features:

Available Sizes:

  • Children/ Baby Bib – 200 x 320mm / 241 x 330mm
  • Jumbo/ Adult Bib – 420 x 600mm / 415 x 500mm

Printing Methods:

  • Flexo printing

Minimum Quantity:

  • 10.000 Units


  • Up to 4-color

Enhance your restaurant’s service with custom bibs

A lot of restaurants and food establishments use custom bibs for adults to enhance their services. Such bibs can be beautiful, charming or fun, depending on how they are designed and the type of materials they use.

However, they are more than just pieces of cloth that people tie around their necks. They are also symbols of the restaurants that use them. They are unique and in many cases, they feature their restaurant’s logos. This uniqueness and attention to small details enhances the professionalism of the restaurants that use such bibs.

It shows that the restaurant wants to give their clients something more, and that they want to make the right impression. So if you are looking for an attractive set of custom printed bibs for your establishment then here’s what you need to know.

How can paper bibs for adults help you?

Paper bibs offer several benefits. The most obvious benefit is that they protect the clothes from stains and bits of falling food. Most people who go to restaurants appreciate the value offered by such bibs, which in turn enhances the reputation of the restaurants that use them.

However, custom bibs are more than just pieces of cloth or paper that people tie around their neck. Aside from protecting you customer’s clothes, adult bibs can also make your restaurant more fun and entertaining, particularly if they have interesting designs. For example, some custom bibs can be designed to look like a tuxedo, while others can be customized for a specific customer or group of customers. Such bibs are particularly popular during birthdays and special celebrations, where they are treated as additional decorations.

Another benefit offered by custom bib is their versatility. They can be as large or as small as you want them to be. They can also be made of cloth or paper, and they can have whatever decorations you want them to have. If your restaurant hosts a lot of private events then such bibs can be customized according to each client’s designs or orders, which in turn enhances your establishment’s ability to cater to different types of clients.

And finally, custom printed bibs can also be customized to promote your restaurant’s brand. For example, your custom bibs can be designed to feature your business’ logo, or they can be customized to feature your restaurant’s menu. If your establishment has a mascot, your adult bibs can be customized to feature that character as well. You can even turn some of these special bibs into giveaways. Not only will your customers enjoy getting free souvenirs from you, the bibs themselves will enhance your restaurant’s brand.

What are the different kinds of custom printed bibs?

Customazation can be done in several ways. They can be as large or as small as you want them to be. They can have whatever colors, images or decors that you want. They can cover the entire torso or only the upper part of the chest. Some custom bibs can also be designed for birthday parties, conventions, graduations, holidays and more.

How do you choose the right type for your establishment?

Custom bibs should reflect the aesthetics and goals of your restaurant. If your restaurant caters to family events then your bibs should be large and colorful. Likewise, if your business regularly hosts or caters special celebration then your custom printed bibs should be customized according to each occasion. And if your restaurant regularly hosts business events or weddings then you may want your bibs with elegant and beautiful designs.

The great thing about customized bibs is that they have no limits, and you can create whatever unique style or design you think is most suited for your bibs.

Our company is proficient in creating all kinds of personalized bibs for all kinds of establishments, from charming laced bibs with elegant designs to fun and colorful bibs that an entire family can enjoy. So if you are looking for a great set of custom bibs for adults then give us a call, and we will do our best to provide you the quality bibs that you and your establishment needs.

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