Paper Printing Methods

The quality of the tissue and paper products you provide your customers is determined by the paper printing method you choose. When choosing your printing method, you must take into consideration your timeline, budget, order quantity, materials, and the tone or style you want your brand to reflect.

Your logo or advertising message can be added to any Alfred Mank tissue and paper product using flexograph printing, letterpress printing, offset printing, or hot foil stamping. Each printing method is outlined below, along with the advantages that each option offers. Not sure what printing method is best? Find out more about the best printing methods for your paper products.

Flexograph Printing


“The Fast Option”


The fast flexo print process is still the primary choice for large quantity, quick turn-around orders and is the best choice when time is a factor. While flexo printing was once referred to as “rough” printing, but advancements now allow for complex designs to be realized up to 45 1/cm screen. This allows for the best results to be obtained with full-tone colors.


This quick and efficient printing method is ideal for large print quantities of strongly absorbent materials. One-color to four-color printing is available.

Letterpress Printing


“The All-Around Option”


Letterpress is a classic printing process suitable for all soft materials. Letterpress printing creates a fine, relief embossment that can be finished with or without ink for the look that best suits your brand.


Designs can be created up to a max of 25 1/cm screen. Letterpress printing is most suitable for small quantity print orders.

Offset Printing


“The Fine Option”


Offset printing offers an especially fine resolution, up to the maximum of 80 1/cm. It is best suited for photo-quality printing, as well as Euro scale printing. Offset printing is recommended for large print quantities and sturdier print materials.

Hot Foil Printing


“The Royal Option”


Our premium foil printing process involves hot stamping a design using a high-gloss metallic foil instead of ink. Hot foil printing creates an upscale product appropriate for high-end establishments.

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