close up of paper type

For a hotel, restaurant, or pub, it can be tricky to choose a quality paper type for the paper goods you use in serving food and drinks. Naturally, you want a product that helps to portray the style of your establishment, whether fast and casual, modern, or high-end luxury. At the same time, you need to be sure that you don’t put too much emphasis on design and overlook functionality.

It’s important that your paper products do their job well, whether it’s stand up to messes, keep food warm or create a clean and pleasant presentation for your guests. Make sure you choose a paper type that can meet the following needs.


When choosing a quality paper type, consider the shelf life of your product. Is this a one-time use item like a coaster or tray liner?  Or will you depend on this product to be used again and again, as you would a beer mat?

For single-use, disposable paper products, choose materials like tissue paper, budget board, or Airlaid. On the other hand, choose pulpboard, available in various layers of thickness, to stand up to repeated use.


In the food and drink service industry, absorbency is an important factor to consider when choosing paper products. Drips, spills, and condensation can cause paper coasters or napkins to disintegrate into a soggy mess. To ensure your paper product offers proper absorbency, consider choosing from these quality paper types:

  • Multi-layer tissue paper with PE backing
  • Airlaid with paper laminate
  • Multi-layer absorbent paper

Temperature Control

In many instances, your paper products are tasked with holding the warmth of food or drink inside or protecting hands from the heat.  A thick, quality paper that provides insulation is best suited for products that need to stand up to heat.

When printing these kinds of paper products, choose a multi-layer tissue paper, which is available in varying thicknesses. Tissue paper helps to keep the heat inside, as in the case of egg covers, or protect your staff from hot service items, such as plates and teapots.

This guide outlines the best paper options available for each product you may need to stock in your establishment.

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