You know the importance of your coaster designs. Coasters are the workhorse of your establishment, soaking up drips and spills and keeping your bar top tidy. Apart from that they make a great advertising vehicle for your establishment.


pulp board Material

Overview of features:

Available Sizes

  • Round designs: 3.5”- 4”
  • Square designs: 3.5”-4”
  • More sizes on request

Available Thickness

  • 40pt
  • 60pt


  • Offset printing
  • Letterpress printing

Minimum Quantity

  • 10,000 units

Tissue Paper Material

A 5- 12 ply thick laminated tissue paper provides a smooth and absorbent material for a beautifully crafted coaster design. Printing is done by Letterpress printing, Flexo printing and also foil embossed printing.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes:

  • Round designs: 60 – 250 mm
  • Square designs: 77 x 77 mm – 150 x 150 mm

Available Thickness:

  • 5-ply
  • 7-ply
  • 9-ply
  • 12-ply

Available Printing Methods:

  • Letterpress printing
  • Flexo printing
  • Foil Embossed printing

Minimum Quantity

  • 10,000 units

Linclass® Airlaid Material

This is a soft fabric-like material with excellent absorbing properties and structural stability. Only flexo printing is used on Linclas Airlaid for guaranteed quality.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes:

  • Round designs: 80 – 250 mm
  • Square designs: 85 x 85 mm – 150 x 150 mm

Available Printing Methods:

  • Flexo printing

Minimum Quantity:

  • 10,000 units


Budgetboard is a high-quality, low-volume, absorbent paperboard which grips glasses well while absorbing liquids perfectly. We offer the choice between Letterpress and Flexoprinting.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes

  • Round designs: 2”-10”
  • Square designs: 3” x 3” – 6” x 6”

Available Thickness

  • 50g
  • 80g
  • 110g
  • 200g

Available Printing Methods:

  • Letterpress printing
  • Flexo printing

Minimum Order:

  • 10,000 units

5 clever coaster designs

Here are several clever beer coaster designs that you can use as inspiration to add elements of memorable fun to your bar.

Did You Know?

Bars and trivia go hand-in-hand. Create your beer coasters with a series of trivia questions to keep your guests entertained. General interest or pop culture trivia is appropriate for any occasion, but you can also tailor the trivia questions to your local audience. If your restaurant is in the heart of a historical district, try American history trivia. If you operate a sports bar in a college town, team trivia will keep old and new fans interested.


People have been imbibing for thousands of years and famous people throughout history have had some pretty wise words to say about it. Design your beer coasters to share some words of wisdom on beer, wine, or cocktails with your customers. They’ll remember your establishment for these words to live by.

Play Some Games

People gather with their friends for a little bit of fun. Your reusable beer coasters can get the fun started when they include an adult game of I Spy or Bar BINGO.

Would You Rather . . .

Conversation starters are a great way to really get to know someone whether it’s a first date or group of old friends. Design a series of bar mats that will break the ice and keep the conversation rolling all night long.

Beer 101

The beer scene is growing and bars and restaurants can now offer hundreds of beers on tap. Educate your customers on the different brewing styles and flavors available to them. What’s the difference between a stout and a lager?  What exactly is an IPA? Use your beer mats to educate your customers on the basics of beers they may not be familiar with.

Designer coasters are perfect for clubs and bars

Creative coasters are the perfect blank canvas for great designs and company logos. Hotels can print their names and logos on bar mats and coasters in rooms. This helps brands to continue the branding and stay in the minds of guests. Non-residents may drink in the bar with a constant reminder of the company fueling their evening. In the future, they may book a room with the chain as they remember that night. These unique, green-conscious coaster ideas may also remind them they are booking with an eco-friendly company.
Printing methods will vary depending on the type of paper used. For example, those ultra-thin fabric-like coasters can only take Flexoprinting, whereas the absorbent ones can take letterpress printing too. Flexoprinting is quick and ideal for large batches. It is the cheapest form, but modern techniques still allow for a high-definition finish. Alfred Mank custom design coaster printing also means a choice of up to four full-tone colors per coaster. Letterpress is a form of relief embossment, which explains why it isn’t available on the thinnest materials. This provides a great look, but also a more tactile product for guests to enjoy.

Renewable paper materials for your unique coaster ideas

Paper is the logical choice for recyclable custom design coasters. Once soiled, as is sure to be the case at many events, users can recycle them with no harm done. The great thing about the Alfred Mank range of paper coasters is that there are four different types to choose from. At one end of the scale is the light, absorbent choice. This thin, delicate coaster is just enough for a little stability, but not overbearing. With the right shape and design, these items are sure to look classy on outdoor tables and bars. It certainly looks more upmarket than a cardboard coaster. At Alfred Mank we offer different thicknesses and sizes to suit the occasion and purpose of the product.

At the other end of the scale is the Linclass Airlaid material. This is the more expensive option in this paper coaster range – and with good reason. It is a different product altogether, with a different feel. The aim here is to create something that feels like a high quality fabric coaster, but is actually still just absorbent paper. New consumers would be forgiven for assuming that this means a more delicate product. No hotel wants a coaster that will become a sodden, torn mess after one glass of wine. The great thing about this paper coaster is that it has surprising structural integrity from a laminate backing. Thus it is the perfect designer coaster option.

Go green with creative coasters

Paper coaster designs are a specialty of Alfred Mank. These coasters are a great tool for any bar or hotel room. They provide a safe place to rest a much-needed glass of wine (or other beverage), while also protecting the furniture from stains and damage. This little touch of class adds to the environmental credentials of the establishment as well. This is thanks to the renewable materials and reduced need to clean the bar. In a world that is increasingly turning its back on plastic and harmful single-use item, custom paper coasters are a must.

Custom design coasters: Work with us on your next event

Alfred Mank is the ideal source for custom design coaster ideas. The company has been at the forefront of coaster creation, printing techniques and other paper products for a number of years. The team is currently based out of Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, but has roots in German design and engineering. Since 1930, the company has developed creative eco-friendly paper products with new advancements and options for consumers. These printed customized coasters are part of a wide range of quality products perfect for any bar or hotel. Therefore there really is no better choice for coaster designs for your establishment

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