Custom Printed Jam Jar Toppers

Overview of features:

  • customizable designs and sizes of Jam Jar Toppers
  • high quality materials, textile-like Linclass® Airlaid or soft tissue
  • coated with PE laminate to protect from moisture
  • a visual highlight for your jars
  • can be printed with any design
  • fit on almost any jar
A decorative highlight for your jars

Attention to detail is what makes your products a unique visual treat for your customers. With our decorative Jam Jar Toppers, you won’t just add a beautiful touch to your jars, you’ll also give your customers the feeling of buying a handmade, lovingly processed product.

Our decorative Jam Jar Toppers are made from high quality Linclass® Airlaid, which is almost indistinguishable from fabric in its look and feel, and are coated with PE laminate which protects them from moisture penetration. Of course, we can also manufacture our toppers for your jam jars out of other materials as well, such as multilayer tissue.

When it comes to designs and sizes, the possibilities for our Jam Jar Toppers are almost endless. Virtually any design can be printed on our decorative Jam Jar Toppers, including company logos, checks, stripes, lace patterns, floral designs, vintage styles, or a linen-like fabric look. Fine letterpress printing or flexographic printing methods are available. The shapes and sizes of our toppers are infinitely customizable, and we will create a custom-tailored product designed according to your desires.

Our Jam Jar Toppers fit any size of jar and any seal type, from lightning-style closures to screw tops, and are a visual accent your customers will love.

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