Effective market positioning is a key factor in defining the recognition factor of a company. This means that placing logos and slogans where customers and guests can easily see them is a significant key to success. Along with customized products, which can support successful branding, advertising materials with which customers and guests come into direct contact can significantly increase the recognition value of your brand.


Details perfect your corporate identity

Doilies, Beer Mat Coasters, and Glass Cover Caps are good ways to place your own brand in an effective advertising position – anything that puts your advertising message in focus for your target audience. This doesn’t just draw attention, it also transmits a sense of exclusivity to customers and guests – expressed by the small details and accessories that create a feeling of luxury.


Stylish branding

Besides typical printing processes, advertising materials made with letterpress printing are an elegant and understated way to transmit an advertising message. In this type of printing, the printed image is embossed into the coaster like a relief, creating a three-dimensional texture. Coasters by Alfred Mank can be custom-printed according to our customer’s requests, and can play a big role in helping companies stand out.