Custom Coasters by Alfred Mank


“Small things make perfection, but perfection is no small thing.”

Our custom coasters add a useful detail for you and your guests that will pay off as well. Besides maximum comfort, coaster printing from Alfred Mank also offers an ideal advertising platform and places your brand where it will really get noticed.

Alfred Mank coasters are perfect for keeping your table and bar tops dry and tidy while also effectively and inexpensively conveying your brand’s advertising message to a captivated audience.

All of our products are produced using high quality materials, from absorbent paper or soft tissue to fabric-like Airlaid or sturdy budgetboard. We’ll expertly print your unique advertising message using either exclusive letterpress printing or flexographic printing methods. All of our materials and inks are approved in accordance with food safety regulations.

Available in different qualities and sizes, and using different printing methods, our custom printed drink coasters elegantly underscore your company’s image while ensuring your customers won’t spill a drop. If you are looking to print coasters online please use our contact form to place your request.

Linclass® Airlaid Material

For our most high-quality option, choose Mank quality coasters made from Linclass® Airlaid. Velvety-soft Airlaid is almost indistinguishable from fabric, in both it’s look and feel. Produced with a paper laminate backing, it’s highly absorbent and dimensionally stable, even in high humidity. This product line will show no curling and no separation, even after extensive usage. Due to the material, we can only offer Flexoprinting, guaranteeing an elegant, beautiful surface.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes:

  • Round designs: 80 – 250 mm
  • Square designs: 85 x 85 mm – 150 x 150 mm

Available Printing Methods:

  • Flexo printing

Minimum Quantity:

  • 10,000 units

Tissue Paper Material

Next one in line, we have our Classic Tissue Paper Coasters, produced with a PE laminate backing. This product line provides the perfect combination of an elegant look with robust moisture resistance, due to its 5-to-12 thickness ply. Soft tissue wadding of various thickness ensures a high standard of absorbency. Besides both Letterpress and Flexo, we can also provide a Foil Embossed printing.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes:

  • Round designs: 60 – 250 mm
  • Square designs: 77 x 77 mm – 150 x 150 mm

Available Thickness:

  • 5-ply
  • 7-ply
  • 9-ply
  • 12-ply

Available Printing Methods:

  • Letterpress printing
  • Flexo printing
  • Foil Embossed printing

Minimum Quantity

  • 10,000 units

Budgetboard Material

For a combination of both durability and absorbency, we present our Budgetboard Coasters. Budgetboard is a high-quality, low-volume, absorbent paperboard which grips glasses well while absorbing liquids perfectly. Durability and absorbency make for a great choice for bars, restaurants, beer gardens, outside seating and much more. In addition to a solid grip, this product line can also absorb liquids spilled on top of them, coming up to an eight-ply thickness. Concering the printing method we offer the choice between Letterpress and Flexoprinting.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes

  • Round designs: 3.5”- 4”
  • Square designs: 3.5”-4”

Available Thickness

  • 200 gsm

Available Printing Methods:

  • Flexo printing
  • Letterpress printing

Minimum Quantity

  • 10,000 units

Absorbent Paper Material

For our last line of materials, we have our Absorbent Paper Coasters. Crafted to provide an unmatched absorbency level and one of the lowest volume tares, these slim design coasters are an ideal choice for your next bulk purchase, with four available thickness models to choose from, in between 50g-200g. High levels of absorbency and low tare volume in a slim design that keep glasses and cups steady makes this variation the ideal choice for your large quantity purchase.

Overview of features:

Available Sizes

  • Round designs: 2”-10”
  • Square designs: 3” x 3” – 6” x 6”

Available Thickness

  • 50g
  • 80g
  • 110g
  • 200g

Available Printing Methods:

  • Letterpress printing
  • Flexo printing

Minimum Order:

  • 10,000 units

How Custom Drink Coasters Help Your Advertisment

Custom coasters are a proven way to increase your sales, grow your revenue and create robust brand awareness. They are great for pubs and restaurants, perfect for tradeshows and are effective promotional giveaways.

Besides preventing the dreaded wet ring on your table, think of custom drink coasters as a mini version of a billboard. Whether your guests are enjoying a cool cocktail or a tall pint, customized table coasters will provide a safe landing spot for cups or glasses, protect your furniture from spills and bring subtle changes to your bar, restaurant, catering facility or hotel.


The wrong assumption is that they are only used on expensive tables. Besides taking care of table-top and tablecloth drink rings; they can be turned into a thing of beauty, as well as a useful branding tool for your business.

Coasters are an especially vital addition to any formal or informal dining set, such as in hotels, social events, restaurants, and bars. They serve an even higher purpose in such places, other than just being drink coasters.


Apart from just protecting the table top or tablecloth, drink coasters can be customized in a number of ways to match your brand. Company Logos, name, slogan and theme color can be added to drink coasters to identify them with your brand. There are several benefits ripped from customized brand products. When it comes to custom printed paper coasters here’s is what you get:

  • Brand awareness and identity
    Creating and expanding brand awareness is a crucial, expensive and continuous business practice. The sole goal of brand awareness is to get your products associated and identified with your brand. Custom drink coasters are an easy and inexpensive way to promote your brand. A drink coaster bearing your unique brand identifiers is viewed several times by numerous people.
    Coaters have been tried and teased in studies. They hold as much as 65% retention rate. What this means is that customers are 65% likely to remember your brand from drink coasters.
    Brand identity is also essential for brand promotion. Businesses go so far as to customize most of their item and dearly forget the humble beer coaster. It’s the little details that show your commitment to homogenous efficiency. Making everything look neat and well thought of, rather than basic and generic.
  • Sales increase
    From brand awareness and product association comes an increase in sales. Increased brand awareness ultimately leads to increased sales. A beverage coaster sits on a table for hours continually displaying your brand to prospective customers; this is basically free advertising. Custom coasters repeatedly catch the attention of a potential client and vividly put your brand on top of the table.

Custom Coasters In Bulk Orders

Attract new customers to your bar, restaurant, hotel, or catering company with individually designed custom coasters. Bulk orders assure you the best return on investment, as these unique custom products that can leave a lasting impression on clients and business partners.


We are a company that prides itself in the quality of its work since it’s our mission to delight our customers. We have a variety of glass coasters and other additional products such as the ramekin covers, glass cover caps, doilies, teapot holders and other innovative hospitality industry products.
One of the greatest advantages of personalized coasters is their ability to make your brand visible in a very cost effective way. Furthermore, their functionality cannot be denied. At Alfred Mank, we will make your coasters in whichever way you want them- elegant and classy, fun and shouting or the laid back and relaxed design- the choice is yours.


What’s more, we can either bulk produce or you can order a fixed number of coasters. However the minimum order number is 10,000 pieces.
When you want your coasters to be custom made, then the material and the printing method you choose plays a big role in the final product. Some of the greatest considerations to take in mind while ordering for personalized coasters are: the budget, timeline, the number of coasters you require, the material to be used and lastly the tone and style of the branding.


At Alfred Mank, we will add any message that you want included alongside your company’s logo. We have four distinct printing methods which include the hot foil stamping (premium), flexography printing (fast), offset printing and letterpress printing. All this can be done on parchment, tissue or Airlaid depending on the material that will complement your establishment’s outlook.

Types Of Paper Materials We Use To Make High-quality Personalized Coasters In Bulk

We have four main materials that we can make coasters from. They include:
  • Absorbent paper material
    They are very ideal since they offer very high absorbency levels. They come in four thickness models ranging from 50 – 200g. We can either print them through letterpressing or flexo printing. The minimum order is 10,000 pieces.
  • Budgetboard material
    The budgetboard material offers very high absorbency and is also durable. It is the perfect choice for bars, outside servings and restaurants. They come in 8-ply thicknesses and we can either use letterpress printing or flexo printing. The minimum order is 10,000 pieces.
  • Tissue paper material
    These are our classic coasters. Tissue paper coasters have an elegant look in addition to offering considerable moisture resistance. They come in 5 – 12 thickness ply and we can either flexo print them or letterpress them. Tissue paper coasters can also be Foil Embossed. The minimum order is 10,000 pieces.
  • Linclass Airlaid material
    This is our premium high quality material. Linclass Airlaid looks almost like fabric since it is very soft and has a velvet feeling to it. It does not curl neither does it separate even when exposed to high moisture content. The only printing option available for this high quality material is Flexoprinting. The minimum order is 10,000 pieces.

Choosing The Right Paper Drink Coaster

There are several factors to consider when selecting the right coaster. The most important thing is to have a clear idea on the surface to use the coaster on and the purpose you want it to serve. Here are a few important pointers to choosing the right drink coaster:

  • Size
    For a drink coaster to adequately serve its purpose, it needs to be the right size. The size of the drink base, of course, determines the right size. What you need is a coaster that perfectly fits the bottom. The right-sized coaster extends from the base of the drink by only about an inch or half an inch; too large and it’s not neat and the edges curl, too small can still get your tabletop stained. You can also choose from different shapes, such as round, square, oval and more.
  • Material
    The material you choose can profoundly influence its appearance and effectiveness. Drink coasters can be made from a wide variety of material, all of which have their upsides and downsides. The material used may determine the coaster’s thickness, permeability, weight, durability, texture, and cost. You can also choose from recycled paper and show awareness by disposable materials.
  • Color
    Besides being entirely your choice; the color needs to match your brand theme and offer a visually appealing contrast or color mix to tablecloth or surface. The color should also accommodate the color of the drinks being offered. For example, the colour for a wine glass coaster should be more elegant and subtle, complementing the red, rosé or see-through colour of the wine while a beer coaster can be more colourful and hearty.
  • Customization
    Just like color; the coaster customizes options are entirely up to you. You can have logos, images or styled text. Of course, the customization needs to be identifiable with your brand.
    We use cutting-edge technologies to imprint your logo, tagline or other branding messages on environmentally friendly disposable paper products. Whether you’re looking for something fun and colorful or subtle and regal, we will provide you with the perfect platform to promote your brand. We will work with you to create highly creative and inventive designs for your brand.

Which Coaster Printing Method Should You Choose

Highlighted below is a description of each method alongside their advantages.
  • Flexograph printing
    This method is also referred to as the fast printing method because it allows for a very fast turnaround time. It is also appropriate for large orders when time is of the essence. In time past, this method was considered rough but with technological advancements, nowadays, complex and quality designs can be achieved using this printing method.
    It is best suited for materials with a strong absorbent quality. At Alfred Mank, we can print from one to four color designs using this method.
  • Letterpress printing
    This method is also referred to as the all-around option. It is so refereed to because it is appropriate for soft material and can be finished with or without ink. However, it is suitable for small quantity orders.
  • Offset printing
    Offset printing is also called the fine option since it offers very high resolution. It is very appropriate for large scale orders and also for materials which are a bit more firm.
  • Hot foil printing
    The hot foil printing or the royal option is different from the others because hot foil is used to create imprints instead of ink. It creates a product that is very well suited for the upscale establishments.

Six Benefits Of Cheap Custom Printed Coasters

Having custom made coasters for drinks can enhance your guests drinking experience and make a movie or sports watching a notch better. Here are some other benefits of custom-made coasters:
  • They are perfect gift giveaways
    Personalized coasters are perfect gifts to friends and relatives. You can print a nice holiday greetings message or even print a photo on the coaster. Your beer-loving friends will definitely love a drink coaster with a funny remark or their pictures imprinted on them.
  • You can order in different shapes and sizes
    The beauty of custom-made is that they can be made in almost all sizes and shapes. Also, since you might be having different glass sizes – from pints, schooners to middy – one size will not necessarily fit all.
  • Design it to match the occasion
    Have customized drink coasters made for every occasion. Whether it’s a summer party or a wedding, these occasions deserve that personalized memento. Companies can also print their logos and taglines on custom-made coasters and give them out during events. This way, you can be sure that your brand will be at somebody’s table for a very long time.
  • You can use custom beverage coasters for business and brand promotion
    No matter what business you’re in, you can always make use of promotion. Cheap custom coasters come in very handy and convenient. While you don’t need to break a bank to produce them, coasters can be given to customers and clients during events, exhibitions, lectures, seminars, and even trade shows. Your clients will feel valued.
  • Targeting your audience with the right message
    Table coasters are small perfect corporate gifts. You can curate them to pass information to your target market, whether it’s your company’s name, logo, contact details or tagline. Everything works with coasters. Having such information on coasters is equivalent to advertising your brand through billboards, only that these are portable and can reach a wide audience.
    Besides using them for advertisements, uniquely designed beverage coasters can also be used to express gratitude to your clients for their continued support.
  • Cheap, yet eco-friendly
    Our materials are a cheap option compared to other materials in the Market, as such; using our products ensures you make savings.
    Since we make our coasters from degradable materials, it is very easy to dispose them. Additionally you will not be hurting the environment since they are eco-friendly.

Working with Alfred Mank as your partner, you’ll provide your customers with the hospitality and service they’ve come to expect. You work tirelessly to provide unconditional attention to your customers, and so do we. We love to serve you as you serve your guests.

About Alfred Mank - Our Customer Satisfaction Mission

Founded in 1930, the Mank Group has an established background of customer service and satisfaction and superb product quality. For almost 90 years, we have been steadily improving our services to meet and exceed all of our customers‘ needs, by providing them with only the best quality materials and printing methods. Our Pennsylvania-based company, Alfred Mank, presents so much more than just imprinted coasters. We offer you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and personally connect with your clients.


Our custom printed drink coasters are one of the most cost-effective investments for your establishment, for they are a small but thoughtful detail which translates into customer loyalty. Currently, we hold a portfolio with four available materials, all of them coming in two different size designs: round and squared. Please use our online contact form to place a request or inquire about individual options, tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking to print coasters online for special events, as promotional items or simply as your personal business card our customer support team will gladly assist you in chosing the perfect option for your occasion.


As we have stated before, at Alfred Mank, we offer so much more than merely personalized merchandise or eyecatchers. We believe our products are a doorway to establishing a strong corporate identity while forging an intimate identification between your brand and your clients. Achieving customer loyalty brings a myriad of benefits for your establishment, amongst which we can mention:

  • Loyal customers tend to spend more and are also willing to pay more, generating a steadier income.
  • A satisfied customer will refer their peers to your company, which could save considerable marketing and publicity costs on customer acquisition.
  • There is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and employee loyalty. The more satisfied your customers are, the happier your employees are going to be – which means less hiring and training costs.
  • Additionally, our custom printed coasters will also grant hygiene and an overall feeling of tidiness to your place, both of these factors having a tremendous impact on customer loyalty. A clean and welcoming environment will ensure they come back.
  • Last but not least our wholesale bulk options allow for cost-effective budgeting and thus decrease your cost in the long term.

Here, at Alfred Mank, we believe that both product sustainability and an eco-friendly production are paramount for our corporate image. By combining tradition and avant-garde techniques, along with our pillars of excellence, perfection, and an unparalleled commitment to quality, we thrive side-by-side with our customers, offering only the best custom coaster printing in the market.

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